Quote of the day

Leave the mythology behind, and learn to think for yourself.


Accept, to create harmony in mind

Accept to create harmony in mind

(n.) The just adaptation of parts to each other, in any system or combination of things, or in things, or things intended to form a connected whole; such an agreement between the different parts of a design or composition as to produce unity of effect; as, the harmony of the universe.

Our mind works as a system. The mind system is composed of different parts, which are only the different aspects of our Being – emotional, physical or spiritual, material. For our ‘Being’ to be ‘Complete’ or a ‘connected whole’, all these aspects need to adapt to each other.

To achieve harmony, the first step is to learn to ‘ACCEPT’. Acceptance here doesnt mean succumbing to your situation and being inactive therefore – Acceptance means simply to stop resisting the situation internally and trying to avoid any conflicts arising because of this situation. Acceptance also means releasing the urge to control such situation. For example, if you are not happy with your emotional state – you are irritated for example. Try to avoid the internal conflict that is caused by this situation. Instead focus on yourself and accept that the situation is bad and that you will change it for your own good, eventually. Accept that for now, there is nothing else to do but to move along with this situation and let it cease. Unintentionally, trying to go through this reasoning process will make you watch yourself being irritated. This is what E.Tolle refers to – “Watching the thinker”. This will help you mitigate the feeling of irritation.